Rant ∞

WTF. I just wanted to start with that and I’ve probably done it before, mostly not. I can’t possibly imagine myself doing anything in life at this point. I feel superbly useless, like a failure, waste of space, time and continuum. It’s all because I’m doing really badly in class at the University. I don’t […]


It was finally time to take a break and get that big glass of chai and watch humans interact in an environment they believe is natural. They love the illusion of control they’ve built for themselves and it’s damn cute but it easily gets annoying when they can’t take a hint. I walked up and […]


I’m not very sure what B looks like any more, pictures just make B feel like a distant dream, or a faraway memory, or a Lol fragment of my imagination. I don’t know what B’s smile looks like, or voice sounds like. I have recordings, and pictures of B, but all of them feel funny, […]

Day 3: Kill Me.

Today was supposed to be all about going out with the family for some paper work and then hang out with a few EJP-ians. Like all plans this one crashed and burned, but this even shot out a few lights and sounds. My uncle who was supposed to come along after lunch disappeared. He’s deaf […]

Day 2: Tempted

I woke up around eight in the morning and like all Sundays lay in bed and watched my parents and sister talk in loud and booming voices. As usual I let myself stay transparent and they didn’t really acknowledge my presence or invited me in. I turned on the laptop to read my mail and […]


I sat in a corner crying my eyes red. My muffled cries echoed through the stone walled halls as I mourned the death of my pretty bird. The windows and walls in Satan’s den knew everything and yet turned a blind eye to my pain. I grew up in the shadows of hell being poked, […]

Fiery Rose

You tried to steal a glance Walking by me like the silence of night In a crowded place.  I saw the sparkle in your eyes And a naughty smile danced But I’m still not sure, If that was just me or If you really did smile Like the fireflies I like. Your hair blazing On […]