So in my second semester of Masters in English, I lived on the university campus. It was a gigantic (over 2000 acres) campus with three lakes, series of boulders, rocks and tiny hills to trek and a vast expanse of forest cover. There were over a hundred species of birds, but the peacock was easily […]

A letter to everyone I ever loved, almost loved, fell for and wished I could stop loving.

Hi lover, Thank you for being a part of my life. You’ve made nostalgia sweeter to remember, and our time together will always be precious to me. I don’t want to forget the bad, but I’m trying to make peace and get over it. Holding on to you or pining over you isn’t healthy or […]

Writing is Masochism

Writing for pleasure is code for, I’m into masochism. There is a lot of joy and happiness when you see a finished piece is a big fat lie. An orgasm lasts longer than that fleeting moment of joy. I’m proud of my work that has been published, but I always want to do better, or […]

I wonder

I wanted to write poems about her. I wanted to describe how she was like a rajnigandha flower, mellow yet intense. Her beauty was sublime, and when she smiled, she always held back. I wanted to describe her long beautiful hair, the dramatic turns, head nods, eye rolls, and expressions. But I can’t write poems about anymore […]

Turning 26

I didn’t write about turning 25. I wrote about turning 21, 22, 23 & 24 (I think). I couldn’t write about turning 25. It was a lot. 24 th birthday was bad. It was my first away from Bangalore. And it was with people I thought were friends, turns out they were just friendly. So […]