Rant ∞

WTF. I just wanted to start with that and I’ve probably done it before, mostly not. I can’t possibly imagine myself doing anything in life at this point. I feel superbly useless, like a failure, waste of space, time and continuum. It’s all because I’m doing really badly in class at the University. I don’t […]


I’m not very sure what B looks like any more, pictures just make B feel like a distant dream, or a faraway memory, or a Lol fragment of my imagination. I don’t know what B’s smile looks like, or voice sounds like. I have recordings, and pictures of B, but all of them feel funny, […]

Hot and cold

You broke my heart every time we met, stepped on it, pulverised it and walked away. I manage to mend it and put it back together only for you to break it again. You’re never mean to me, your polite, sweet, adorable and absolutely delightful, but I think you treat me like a kid because […]