Tin-box To Do List

Tin-box to do list is my bucket list and I hope to be able to strike-out most of them not necessarily in that order, but before I graduate from college in March 2017. I have doubts about making the deadline, but I’m going to give it my very best.

Get a Tattoo

Get a degree

Travel by myself

Eat ice-cream and cry

Eat ice-cream and binge on a TV show Marathon

Fall asleep in somebody’s arms 

Fall in love

Get divorced

Movie/ TV Show marathon

Kiss like in movies

Find the magical kiss

Sneak out of the ho use

Dance under the starry sky

Read poetry to someone special

Let someone cry on my shoulder

Live alone

Write and cry

Make-out in the rain

Hold someone and cry

Go Camping

Move out

Become Famous

Meet Jennifer Aniston

Don’t stop



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