Day 2: Tempted

I woke up around eight in the morning and like all Sundays lay in bed and watched my parents and sister talk in loud and booming voices. As usual I let myself stay transparent and they didn’t really acknowledge my presence or invited me in. I turned on the laptop to read my mail and my inbox was empty, no emails in the last seven hours.

Then I was told to get ready because my driving instructor was going to show up in five minutes. He did and I took the car keys and left. Last night I gave my phone back to my mom and didn’t have anything else to carry with myself. After a few minutes we rode ahead in and around the streets of HSR Layout.

The car stopped automatically twice or thrice in less than fifteen minutes because the acceleration and gear didn’t and the engine turned off. So the last line makes no sense because I still am not sure why it stopped but I know how to not repeat it, phew.

So the instructor turned the music up, it is my father’s SUV I’m learning to drive in and the songs were from my favourite playlist. No they weren’t English pop, instead old Kannada songs. He made me park the car so I could change the songs. I told him it was my playlist and he was surprised that I listen to old songs and said he thought I didn’t like the music

So the conversation grew into him explain how much he despises new songs with all the crappy lyrics. He was a pleasant man who continued to explain how the car is really good the vision is clear and told me not to be afraid. I enjoyed the driving and was comfortably better than I ever was.

I spent almost three hours driving and didn’t realize till he made stop in a corner so he could smoke a cigarette and drink tea. I came back home and my father shooed me away to talk to the instructor.

I turned on the TV to catch the episode of ‘Friends’ where Monica and Chandler were getting married. I drew parallels between ‘How I met your Mother’ and ‘Friends’ and realized that ‘Friends’ will always be my favourite. I also realized how much more I love Rachel Green, how can anybody not!

I got back to the novel ‘August, English’ I’m reading which is from the reading list my lecturer from college suggested. I’ve read a mere twenty pages and I’m already in love with the book, now I hope it doesn’t let me down anywhere.

Something new for today was me making an effort, a voluntary effort to engage in a conversation or be around my family as long as I could and I did. I was around for longer than I expected and it was a good attempt I guess.

On a happy, sad note, I got a new phone, Samsung Note2. I’m happy I got a news phone and I’m sad I can’t use it to stay in touch with my friends for the next fifteen days. Sigh.

So my day was very limited and I was really excited read the email from Shyla and it was pleasant and nice, just like her left me smiling. I wrote the minute I finished reading and I can’t wait to read her response.

I now plan to enjoy the magic of wordpress by posting a few and reading a lot of beautiful writing.


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