Day 3: Kill Me.

Today was supposed to be all about going out with the family for some paper work and then hang out with a few EJP-ians. Like all plans this one crashed and burned, but this even shot out a few lights and sounds. My uncle who was supposed to come along after lunch disappeared. He’s deaf and mute so he’s not got a phone therefore making it impossible to reach him. He’s deaf and mute so he’s not got a phone therefore making it impossible to reach him. So I was sent around to his work place to look for him, no surprise he wasn’t there. Around 8:45 pm he returns home.

Well I gave in to the temptation of the phone and I started using my new phone.  I still haven’t downloaded whatsapp or Facebook but I make calls, read my emails, and take pictures and so on. So I am more or less still sticking to the initial plan.

Today’s something new was that I spent alone time and didn’t distract myself from being alone. I found comfort in some corner that I’m trying to understand, so I’m gonna explore that feeling first, write about it a little later.

So the EJP peeps had a blast at Hari Super Sandwiches and talked a lot, they walked a crazy lot of distance but weren’t tired apparently. I called up Ridhu and Rijul who told me about the respective views of the day more or less. We then spoke about plans for Wednesday and Friday and confirmed more or less.

I was pissed and annoyed about the day’s turnout, so I was sulking and staring in to the phone when my driving instructor shows up! I didn’t want to go driving around aimlessly and not kill the people on the road. I just wanted to sulk more. I think I enjoy sulking. But like most things in my life I didn’t have a choice so I went driving.

I think I enjoy driving, but I don’t like saying it or telling it because it might make my parents go, ‘I told you so’, so I may never tell them.  But I also enjoyed the conversation with the instructor where we spoke about the leading men in Kannada and who we did and didn’t like or what was or wasn’t a good movie. All this was going down as he helped not kill most people who liked walking on the roads, because our government doesn’t like foot paths, I presume.

I’m also more or less excited about a cousins wedding that is going to be happening tomorrow and day after. I am hoping to be able to write a lot more exciting or interesting or to the least cheesy things from the wedding.


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