Vegetal: It smells Green

“It smelled like green and I thought Vinay will like this description” he told me as we sipped lemon tea at Chai chowk. He was in Madekari district last week and when he reached Abby waterfall, there was a strong vegetal aroma that he could only describe as green. “What does green smell like to you?” He asked me. […]


Things I relish needs to be listed, because I live to make lists and eat. So here’s the list: Food. Home made Food. Mark Rassendren’s lunch box Biryani (Chicken) Pokémon Steamed vegetables Tibetan food Papad // Hapla  Rain Petrichor Plants Flowers Sex and cuddling Conversation Poetry Books Music Lights Big mansions Travelling Swimming Photography Beach Small talk […]

Am I flicking it wrong?

I can’t remember why we’re fighting. The yelling makes me want to cry but I don’t want to anymore; it doesn’t feel real. I haven’t been able to feel anything or I’m choosing not to; honestly, I don’t remember. My memory being fucked up is finally coming in handy. I crib, complain, and indulge in […]

The Biting Game

“It’s been over fifteen years and mum still has the bite mark on the back of her shoulder” said my first cousin Kavitha at a family lunch. A month ago we were at my dad’s cousins house for lunch for the first time since they moved into it. There was a lot of food, enough […]

Dirty looks

“Aunty once, just before I got married, Babu (my older brother), Vini (me) and I were on our way home. Vini was about two or three years old and he was sitting on the carrier; that old cycle Babu would always take to go see grandma. And we were on that road next to the […]