My eyes are burning, just ate a super oily and stupidly expensive spring roll. Swam 50 laps today and each lap was 25 meters long; on the first day I was exhausted at 14 laps and this improvement feels good; by the end of the month I should be swimming 75 laps a day.
I’m waiting at the club’s foyer for it to stop raining, but it’s only getting worse. I’m craving to sit at Koshy’s, sip hot coffee with a book; it’s a short ride, but its pouring cats and dogs.


The image of the tangy, spicy, crunchy, lemony peanut masala and hot coffee,  is making hungrier.
The rain picked up force, three layers of clothing doesn’t feel enough, I’m shivering.
I want to read my book but its noisey, and I’m too hungry and distracted to focus on the reading.
A tall waiter in grey pants, white shirt, funny yellow and grey west with a grey bowtie, walked past me without looking, and my eyes are still burning.

Day 3: Chicken Curry

Today was the last of my mid semester exams, I had a brilliant lunch- chicken curry and rice, stuffed chicken, a brownie and a pan cake for dessert. I spent the next two hours having conversations with a couple of people I find interesting. I went swimming after that, I swam 24 laps today and hope to take the number up tomorrow.
Today I want to make a list of a friends I go to college with and talk about them, but I won’t use names.
1. Beautiful hair girl : We have conversations about hair, food, people and just about anything. Only person in class with whom I can have comfortable silence.
2. Beater : I enjoy his morbid to disgusting jokes, because it comes from an understanding of the world and acknowledging that the best way to deal with it is laughing it off.

3. Mastermind : With my world domination tendencies and his brains, we could probably rule the world (I’ll make sure Lady Gaga gets back to business with her music.) He’s quite, and I am not always good at reading him, so all the more reason why I want to know him better.

4. Hoody chick : I still can’t believe things with her may never work out, but well, life. She’s got so many layers, it’s sad I may never be able to see or know beyond the first and second.

5. Sambar lover : In her crazy head the entire south India is nothing more than sambar, that’s how she make’s it sound. If only she dropped stereotyping and acted herself…

Just five people for today, there are others in class, my best friend and other friends from different combinations, about whom I’ll write if there is any sort of interest that builds up on this blog.

Day 1: Chlorine

Today was my first day of back in a pool for practice in five years.
The smell of the chlorinated water brought back so many memories from School. Three hour training sessions, Thursdays were competitions with the team, practicing even when it rained and those rare days where the pool was just for playing around.
This pool was very clean, and yet the changing rooms were terrible like the ones in school. Broken locks, dirty floor, leaking taps and very little room. In School around 30 boys were expected to use a room that could barely fit 10 boys.
I changed in to my swim suit and walked in to the pool, because diving wasn’t allowed. My eyes were burning from the chlorine, I was thirteen again and back in school, my biggest problem in life was my bully. Things were simple, no big ass complications, no problem seemed to big, didn’t even know how to spell depression. There was bliss in being a child because of all the complexities that could be ignored and I wish it was still possible.
I swam 12 maybe 16 laps and I was exhausted. I had no stamina left and I used to swim 150 laps a day. It had been fifteen minutes since I got into the pool, I swam for the next fifteen minutes, 4 maybe 6 laps and saw myself out. I’m not getting out with out finishing 30 laps tomorrow.
I had a heart burn, arm and thigh muscles have cramps and I’m exhausted, in a weirdly pleasant way.
I don’t want to be lazy, depressed or sulk about life, instead I want to take control and get better.