Writing is Masochism

Writing for pleasure is code for, I’m into masochism. There is a lot of joy and happiness when you see a finished piece is a big fat lie. An orgasm lasts longer than that fleeting moment of joy. I’m proud of my work that has been published, but I always want to do better, or […]

ಮನೆ (Mane) // Home

Trigger Warnings: Depressed Leaving home is something I’ll never get used to and I don’t get why! I have always wanted to get out and go see the world but each experience only makes me grow fonder of home. Home is not that physical building which we’ve changed more frequently than the Karnataka state government. […]


My life is a series of bad days… Bad decisions, awful music, terrible haircuts, ugly clothes, stupid choices, dead- plants, pets and brothers. And then the bad days go out on a vacation and I have the time of my life because I don’t have demons to fight, arrows and bullets to dodge. These are ice […]


I’m spiraling down into nothingness, Like the oblivion in her eyes. Where worlds seemed devoid of lust, leisure, love or life. The fast light, strong wind, showers of rain It’s too much, can’t anymore; hope It goes away, like the bout of happiness from yesterday. My fingers traced the morning light on your skin, I’ve […]