Proust Questionnaire

I discovered the Marcel Proust Questionnaire via the blog post. I wanted to answer it. What is your idea of perfect happiness? First sip of good coffee. What is your most marked characteristic? My sass and hair flip. What do you consider your greatest achievement? Getting through. What is your greatest fear? Getting stuck. What […]


I left behind my torn Kolhapuri They wore out and I needed to Run. From the monsters crawling out Of every happy memory I made. Now I stand here waiting for a new beginning That seems to be falling in place Naturally. Maybe my monsters weren’t actually in my head.

Losing it

“I wouldn’t be surprised, In the middle of the night, to Find Vinay watching me in my room. I’d just say “Go home Vinay, it’s creepy.”” And she laughed loudly at me, then repeated it To everyone around me. We are… were friends, I tried many times to be Friendly, And not creepy. “You’re so […]


It’s a park inside a huge living quarters, tall buildings, tree canopies and narrow or narrower roads make this a Labyrinth. But living close to it for the last 12 years, I’ve been able to get myself out. There are 3 playgrounds and two of them have a pair of swings, see-saw and merry go […]