My eyes are burning, just ate a super oily and stupidly expensive spring roll. Swam 50 laps today and each lap was 25 meters long; on the first day I was exhausted at 14 laps and this improvement feels good; by the end of the month I should be swimming 75 laps a day. I’m […]

Day 2 : Making lists

Went back to swimming today and I finished 20 laps and it felt and still feels so nice. The exercise is all I needed and my emotions found a more sensible outlet. I decided to make a list today. I have always made lists, of music I need, books to read, I make lists while […]

Day 1: Chlorine

Today was my first day of back in a pool for practice in five years. The smell of the chlorinated water brought back so many memories from School. Three hour training sessions, Thursdays were competitions with the team, practicing even when it rained and those rare days where the pool was just for playing around. […]