I didn’t get a lot of sleep, and ended up oversleeping. I had to be in clas s in less than 45minutes, managed to shower, stuff some food and managed to reach class in twenty minutes but I was still late by ten minutes.
It’s a fairly average day and since last night’s conversation, today feels like it’s the day. I was excited, agitated, and slightly terrified, but I knew it was today and that the right moment would appear.
I was done with classes at twelve in the afternoon and I had to kill time till three or maybe I could go there by two and just hang out till everybody started showing up.
Went out with a friend to grab lunch from this new eatery outside college. It was a little room with a kichen and no place to sit, got myself a chicken roll and she got herself a really bad sweet lasi that I finished for her.
I like how we get along, get past fights, conversation and people. She had plans and went out, I had to hang around till it was two or three.
At two I decided to head to our usual meeting place and found it locked when I got there. Sat outside with my headphones on and passed out till one of  them showed up with a guitar.
We waited out on the balcony for the others to show up, and the guitar was being played and there was singing too. Out on the fourth floor, beautiful music playing and a voice worth falling in love  seemed to set the mood.
Eyes were shut tight while playing and singing, didn’t have to worry. Took a post it, wrote a note and stuck it on the wall opposite to the guitarist.
Took off my shoes, stared at my green socks for a minute or maybe less and walked up to the end of the balcony. It was an empty field, pretty flowers around and stood on the ledge, contemplated if I should contemplate and then I jumped, heard the music all the way till the end.

The Big F

My parents decided to go to my farm house this weekend because it was Eid and thus Saturday was off. I thought this would be the perfect weekend for me to get laid if I could convince my parents to let me stay back. I was invited to join a focus group for a research on education in India and this was my perfect opportunity, I used the excuse to stay back.
I knew the other people who’d be showing up at the focus group and I was sure I’d able to take one of them home.
The focus group was going good, it had started raining half way through. Damon was making tea for himself, and I asked him to make me a cup too. Damon was this blue eyed, blond haired eighteen year old white boy. He was maybe 5’7-8 and had really curly rough hair and a smile that truly knew what happy meant. I walked up to him after the first cup, and he offered to make me another. Hell was I going to say no to a cute boy like him, we got chatty till we were shusshed and asked to join the group again. It was still raining even after we were done with the focus group. I went out to buy smokes with Damon (the cutest boy in the room) and we got talking about music, weather and the other boy in the room who he had made out with and had a brief history. He bought four blacks (clove flavored cigarettes) and a green lighter.
We went back to the office but Damon wanted to smoke on the terrace as it drizzled. So we went to the terrace, he lit his cigarette and I told him as long as he doesn’t blow it on my face, he giggled. The boy with the history walks on to the terrace and things get weird. He does try to get chatty or make a conversation but Damon tries to be polite and walks towards me, he starts singing and everybody from the group is on the terrace and I try to catch Damon’s attention and he seems to be trying to get mine.
I asked Damon if he wanted to come over to my place and slipped in the detail that my parents weren’t home and  that I’d be home alone all night. So after everybody left we headed home and I got Damon on my scooter and I rode home. His arms around my waist and he made sure there was no place between my back and chest, his left arm rested on stomach and his right was running up and down the length of my thigh and teased me as it went toward my crotch and didn’t actually stay, just teased.
We got home, raced into the house. I turned on the TV and home theatre for music, but not teb lights in the living room because I wanted to turn on the pretty lights in my room and light the scented candles. I closed my room door, while the TV screamed pop songs from behind  the tv and I sat down on my bed. Damon walked out of the bathroom and sat close to me, we talked about random silly. I had to initiate this, so as the tv started singing “For What II by Nicholas” I moved my face closer to Damon’s, my lips were trying to part his mouth and he di d the same and there was synchronization. He kissed and I moved in closer, his lips were well moisterised and it was easy to move and felt nice. We only stopped every few minutes to catch our breath.
My hands slowly unbuttoned his shirt and moved to his pants, both of us were lying down, kissing in our boxers. I slid my hand into Damon’s boxers and my mom opens the door. Damon who was holding my hair screams and pulls back my hair, only to find out that I’m actually bald and 45.