Evenings and sunsets

It was a crazy week, I caught a fever on Monday and I didn’t make it to college on Tuesday. So I played the film “Clockwork Orange” and finished two projects due two days later. Thus on Wednesday I felt like a boss and completely in control of my life, but then I started dying of […]

Kodi diary

The first day of summer started with an all nighter of binge watching “How to get away with murder” and ritualistically poking Shivani on Facebook at odd hours of the night. I was pretty disappointed with the way the show ended, but I still can’t stop watching. She makes some beautiful shows, Grey’s anatomy, and […]

Farm Days

It was a hot afternoon and nausea seemed to be the theme of the week, had to skip lunch to keep myself from throwing up in the three hour drive to the farm. But there was blue cloth bag (because plastic is banned in Bangalore) with mountain dew, loads of wafers, potato chips, cookies, oreos, […]