Austin Town Boys

Four people are sitting in front of me, one on my right, and two to my left. And then on the side berth, there are two people. I looked around for a decent spot but all the window seats and side seats were taken. I was just surprised that I couldn’t get a window seat even though I was an hour early.

The guy in front of me walked up to me after I sat at this berth with both window seats taken but the rest was empty. One side had a bearded man who looked like a Tamil film character with a dark past but has mellowed down now. He has a baby face and a beard, nothing great just a random and haphazardly grown mess across his face. He’s interesting in the sense he’s perfect for the stereotyped Telugu supporting actor in a big gang of goons but he’s the one who’s bound to get killed.

Then the guy next to me has this puffy face and a French beard. He’s also heading to Bangalore and has a friend/ relative in a different berth, looks like they are all occupying a window seat and belong to a cult that only sits by window seats. But this man had left his bag to hold his spot, and he was out on the platform creepily staring at the bag.

So this boy comes and asks if anyone else was coming, I said no. He said he’ll come back but then this older lady walked in as he moved away, she looked Tamil with her bindi, smile, saree and then accent. She’s from Bangalore, Kammanhalli. I told her someone else was coming and then these guys came back, the lady took the next berth. So these are 5 boys from Cox Town, Ulsoor. They are all talking in Tamil and feels like the stereotyped boy’s group and they even have a guy named bubloo here.

Bubloo is sitting to my right and in front of me is the guy who asked about the seat and he lives and works in Hyderabad. He’s the decent guy and next to him is that talkative, poking fun and rally annoying guy who’d usually be the hero of it was a film. And then the other two are like the extras who are there to make the group look big and symmetrical in images.

Then on the side is this man who was holding a canvas and was sketching on canvas and he was using colour pencils to his sketch. This was when there was light and it got darker he packed his shit put on a green hoodie and wrapped a bed sheet and slept. Then when the TC came he woke everyone up checked their tickets and left. Then a security officer with a videocam woke everyone up and recorded all the faces and left. He scared some people and left.

So these are berths for four people and then everyone has been asking us to move and adjust and sit six in a berth. So we’ve been ignoring them and their rudeness or requests because when we said we’re all travelling to Bangalore but ya it’s going to be a pretty interesting journey. I’m going to be awake for a good amount of the night.

The trains moving and I’m excited about coming to Bangalore.

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