24 &Single

I’mf tired of looking for Partner. One who’s going to get along with me, doesn’t have to agree with me but also not someone who hates what I do. I’m not looking for Megan Fox or a Deepika Padukone just a someone who gets me and I get to know them and obviously appearance matters. I’m not saying it’s not about emotions and only the physical but honestly physical matters too.

The usual drama is either I’m interested and going crazy while they aren’t interested or it’s the vice versa. I want to meet someone who lets butterflies in stomach and then gets all of them to settle down so we can sip our coffee/tea.

I’m also horny AF a and jerking off just doesn’t seem to cut it on somedays. I’d like to meet someone, have a meaningful conversation, relationship, understand them and get to know them. Listen to their secrets, embarrassing stories, fears, favourite and funny quirks as while cuddling and falling asleep in an embrace when the world is falling apart.

Then build this relationship into a strength and use it to it’s full limit and utilise it. Teach and learn. Exchange knowledge and provide each other space for holistic growth. With the bodies needs and the minds wants these romantic intentions cater to a wholesome self that’s far more settled or well adjusted. But honestly these expectations are unreal and add pressure on a possible relationship.

So what I’m saying is I’m horny and I’d like to get some. But I’d kill to find the one and settle down.


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