The Hyperbole Class

“What’s a Hyperbole?” He asked the class, I didn’t want to raise my hand because two months into my Bachelor’s programme the number of smarter, younger and more talented students made me stop trying. They were competitive, bold, intelligent and making a mistake seemed dangerous.

It’s not because the class would look down on you but it was an invitation to be attacked or pounced or laughed at and that’s something that hasn’t changed. But I knew what Hyperbole meant because 10th standard (10th grade) English teacher made sure my class knew the definition of the most common figures of speech and well, Hyperbole head the shortest definition.
“Extreme exaggeration.”

I looked at the class of 50, the number that was going to drop till the end and didn’t see a single hand or a squeak. I waited for a minute to see if someone was nervous and would answer, nothing. I decided it was finally my moment and I answered. I was corrected that it was just exaggeration but nothing else. I get hopeful again, maybe all wasn’t lost for me, I still have a chance. 

I’ve never regretted taking this courses, not a single moment of contemplating of something else was mine, never. I was certain, for the first time in my life. I did have other issues and problems but never about taking up this course. I’m glad, it was good.


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