Day 4, bye Goa

The day before we leave, it’s time to beach hop again. We started at the far off corner, the Querim beach. It was almost empty, quite-ish, peaceful and food less.
Querim Beach

After Querim beach we followed Google maps to reach the next beach in this order: Arambol, Harambol, Ashwem, Mandrem, Morjim, Vagator and finally Anjuna. The hopping was tedious and lucky for me on the way, I saw antique store and bought pretty wooden boxes.

At arambol beach I got some awful ice tea, sister got a terrible mango lasi and my mum played it smart by getting herself a coca cola. We drank all this over fries while watching the cows slowly tread through the beach. 

We next headed to Morjhim, it was a peacefully empty beach and I got myself a crazy tee shirt with the Jack Daniel whiskey print on it, at the shack outside the beach. Then our long journey to vagator beach began and so did my regret to come on this trip.
We got to the Vagator beach road, had a quick and peaceful lunch and then hunted before heading to the beach. We reached the beach and my sister and dad went parasailing whole I tried to take artsy pictures of my shoes.
Urge to be artsy, Vagator beach.

It started getting late and I gave up on making to the Wednesday flee market at Anjuna beach. I went ahead and took a swim while they took forever to finish. Then on our hunt for petrol, a conversation about an expensive holiday started. I said, “Even if my first book turns into a world’s number one, I don’t think I’d be able to afford the fanciest vacation Goa can offer.”

Dad: ” Nobody on this planet would read something you wrote.”

It hit a nerve. We headed to Anjuna beach and the flee market has shut down by the time we got there and we took a walk on the blissfully quite beach before heading back to our room in Lar Amarosa.

After quick showers and a bicker, we went out to get dinner. This is where my discovery happened, service time in Goa, in general is a few hours. We ordered food around 9:20, our starter reached at 9:50, main course at 10:20 and we finished dinner at 11.
Starter: Chicken Tandoori

I discovered service in all Goan restaurants is late, always. Hopefully I send out my post cards tomorrow at 9, thank God my flights at 1. Bye, bye Goa.

All the pictures on this post belong to me.

© Vinay, 2016


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