Goa, day 2

​We woke up late. Not just me but all of us, we got to breakfast only at 9:30 because they’d not serve us breakfast after that, we thought. Then we only left our rooms by 12 in the afternoon and no regrets there, it was relaxing and kinda carefree. I guess at least the care free part of the vacation is happening and I was good with it for now.

We headed to Divar island but landed in Chorão Island which was also a river island with a bird Sanctuary that was closed. Then we got off the island to find the next ferry to take us across the Monrovia river. The weather gets hot but the humidity balances it out and a fan makes living comfortable.

The real trouble was when my dad didn’t stop at the stretchs of grass to take pictures but stopped 2 kms later at the Mandovi river back waters. This was the spot where we’d get the ferry to old Goa, a nice ride.

We got off the ferry to run into the Church of St Catherine and then the Basilica of bom jesus. Beautiful pieces of pre-colonisation architecture and every step on the floor felt like it was a step back in to history. 

Then we went to eat at the first visible restaurant, Green yard Restaurant and the food was served after an hour of waiting. It wasn’t great food or bad food but it killed our dinner appetite, that was very disappointing.

Shopping on 18th June street and was a plan , but we didn’t really shop because there wasn’t anything local. Our walk helped us discover a coffee place there, it reminded me of Bangalore’s Indian Coffee house. The food looked so good but I couldn’t eat anything  because of the heavy stomach from a late and sad lunch, but the coffee place was worth sitting and exploring their variety of  cheaply priced food.

Another swim in the pool but I decided to watch TV while my parents chilled and then we had ice cream and fruits for dinner. I also heated some leftover chicken sukka from the previous night. Now we slept, in our warm beds and a cold AC.



    1. The writing or the writer or the blog? Or your own lacking in offering a perspective that’s helpful or useful. I presume the latter but I also doubt you’ve got it in you to be upfront about it rather than staying anonymous.


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