Day 3 Goa

We now have nothing else to see in North Goa. We went to the butterfly conservatory a private establishment, it wasn’t worth the travel or time or money. You could have spent that money on a data pack and watched a YouTube video which would be more informative about butterflies.

Then we headed to a Spice plantation that was another kind of a rip off. They offered a tour of the farm and food for 700/- rupees which was way too expensive even for an organic lunch. We want back to old Goa and had lunch at the River Isle Restaurant. They had descent food, very polite staff, a great view but the service was so crazy slow, my grandchildren from the future called saying they received the order I’d placed.

We went out and shopped at Mapusa market, it was a beautiful local market. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, clothes, jewellery, utensils, baked confectionery, crockery, you name and they will have it; we went looking for the famous pottery bazaar in the market.

We bought 8/9 pots all for rupees 500/- and then we walked around the place and bought some carrot cake at a bakery. It was dry, but when I microwaved it and added ice cream, it was heavenly, hopefully a fresh one would have been more moist.

We headed out to dinner from there and in the car I realised the irony in the idea of a Family vacation. It should be an oxymoron, because everyone goes on a vacation to get away from family, probably why people have mistresses too.


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