Goa dia um (day one)

We got out of the airport to discover my mom dropped my jacket inside the airport. I had to show my boarding pass to the watchman before going in, but thankfully found it inside. I’ve lost and found it way too many times, so I decided to leave it packed inside the luggage till we get back to Bangalore.

The Goa airport was nothing like the Bangalore airport and it was disappointing. My dad hadn’t booked a cab or reserved a hotel till we landed but we managed to finalise our room in the exotic Portuguese home turned hotel, Lar Amorosa

We went down to the road from Lar Amorosa to get breakfast from a little hole in the wall hotel, called Hotel Grace. We had a very quick breakfast of bhaji pao and omelettes, my mother didn’t want to eat there and my dad wanted to eat there just to seem cool out out of hunger. I hated the red plastic that was coated with a dark black coat of paint.
We got back to the room and we took an hour long nap while my dad got a car and chatted away with them people. We headed to Calangute beach, then went to a cute looking café for lunch. Nothing great, but descent food and wasn’t worth remembering the name. The swim in Calangute beach was exciting and exhaustive, leaving me weak for the beautiful Bagha beache.

At Bhaga beach we watched the clean beach, it’s pristine white soil and dead fish. I spotted a bunch of dead fish, a lotta crustaceans while I tried to collect shells, most were living so I ended up picking stones.

We went to Aguada fort, took some touristy photograps and then to the Sinquerim beach near it. From there we headed back to the luxury of our room.

I took a swim in the pool and we headed out to Kamalabai restaurant for some lip smacking fish dinner. We got back a Goan chicken dry that we are due dinner the next night.


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