On the way

The flight was late by 30 minutes. We (The fams and I) got to the airport two hours early, walked around the airport aimlessly after getting our boarding pass. I milked the WiFi for all it was worth and watched a bunch of YouTube videos. I was also texting Shyla who was on her way to the airport to go back home, we had to head out from the same gate which made it for interesting conversation. The texting was anxiety inducing because she kept telling me her panicy state and anxieties while taking flights.

Shyla and I can have good conversations only when college isn’t in full swing. We talked about her series of adventures every time she’s catching a flight back home and about family vacations *sad face*. We walked to the gate and talked till she had to leave, then we said goodbye. I saw her wave goodbye from behind many glass doors and she disappeared; only whiff of her swishing hair was floating and fading.

After 30 minutes, the first call for boarding began, we took it and then time started to fly. The seats I got were above the wing, wasn’t very happy with the vibration but the wings make for a great element in the pictures. The flight hostesses started giving out safety instructions and the plane started to direct itself for take off.

We started moving but the speed was a 20/30 km/h and then they stopped at U turn. Then a Jet airways flight landed and then my plane started to go up. My family was more interested in my reaction than their own panic or anxiety. The noisy flight got quiter and quiter. I plugged in my new headphones and listened to this slow paced track on SoundCloud. I matched my breathing to the song and didn’t let the flights speed increase my pace of breathing or anxiety.

Every time I got high or had a panic attack, this is what it felt like; the pressure building up and weighing me down. Thankful my senses weren’t hindered but everything started to slip for a fraction of second but that was all in my head. When I got a grip, the take off was not a pain and I started liking it, things began to seem more interesting.

The tilting, bumps, coughs and so on ma de the ride rough and worrisome. The landing was quick but in the end I was a little disappointed. I wanted to freak out, be scared, and worried. But all I thought about was  the great view, if I’d ever realise when I’m at these places, that I was looking at them from the sky…

The songs were helpful and before I could do anything with the blog post, the Pilot announced we were 34,000 feet high, poor visibility and a nice temperature of 22C. As I type this the call for landing is out and wonder I didn’t manage to write about the ocean of clouds. So magnificent, artsy and the urge to dive in and take a dip was burning. It’d be more fun if I didn’t have to pop my ears as often while listening to the music, but altitude problems.

Wing (© Vinay, 2016)

Image: © Vinay, 2016


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