The week

It’s been a crazy week, the random holidays and breaks have made it a slow but things cleared up as it came to an end. But the semester, now got extended by another week. This happened exactly when I was looking forward to a going out on a little vacation/ travelling, maybe. 

My hand

The heartbreak of lost traveling plan got to me and I may have taken refugee in my bed for all of that week, almost. So I may not have been on time with a few assignment or may have decided to not submitted others. But I did have a pleasant time by taking pictures and screwing my future in the ass. 


I also went shopping and retail therapy has always worked wonders on me, it did and exactly why I’m smiling at my impending doom.

Someone forgot to drink

But I spent most of this time in my room, writing, watching Digimon Season 2 (word of advice, don’t watch it), reading Fb posts and tweets, or just staring into oblivion while nothing happened. 


The pretty flowers to stare at is a good distraction and sometimes inspiring. But in the end like my blog my mind gets whiney and sad. Dramatic and mostly depressing or just plain annoying.

Fairy lightsk

But the fairy lights, almost, always, manage to cheer me.

© pictures and text belong to me (Vinay).



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