Telugu movie soggade chinni nayana dies of old age

It was difficult to pick a movie that I’ve hated and one that I didn’t watch in class. After what felt like the longest session of soul and mind searching; after yawning four times, scratching my head six times and a suryanamskara I remembered the awful 2016 Telugu movie “soggade chinni nayana”(SCN).

SCN is Ramyakrishna and Nagarjuna starring mythical, horror, thriller movir and it isn’t any of the things it claims to be but a whole lot of fillers where fifty-seven (57) year old Nagarjuna is running after young women flirting with and endorsing promiscuity like south Indian or at least Telugu movies do. The only thing mythical about the movie is the relationship it has to some really bad backstory to an ancient temple’s deity’s jewellery that the director forgot about. Somewhere in the second half of the movie he remembers all the things he’d said the movie is and tries to pack it all in the second half.

The horror in the movie are the conversations Ramyakrisha has with her daughter-in-law about dealing with a workaholic husband (played by Nagarjuna) and why he’s to be loved even if he doesn’t love you or how to seduce him and gives her tips to handle everything better because women have to make-do and that’s life. If this wasn’t bad enough, the dead father’s (also played by Nagarjuna) soul enters the son’s body to seduce the daughter-in-law and help rekindle the son’s love life sparkle, because the father has a lot of experience with women.

I don’t know why I watched the movie, but I have a bad habit of finishing everything I start and ended up watching the movie till the end. The movie’s biggest achievement was accurately help describe and show you what the creepy old uncle who is touchy and feely looks like and all these touchy Uncles would love it.

During the first half Nagarjuna flirts various young and pretty actresses, he’s either flirting with them or the father has had an affair. It in a way signifies the conversation my mother and older cousin were having where the land lord or the village head man or equivalent in not just villages but towns have sex with all the women they find attractive, because they can, something that shocked me but was real.

The movie did talk about the problematic society and its hypocrisy just as it romanticised with all these problematic ideas that were being encouraged. These are elements enough to get theatres full of men and men, jumping, screaming and hooting at attractive men seducing very pretty women. Women who are either submissive or tamed by the hero who shows them what it means to be a real woman. No wonder a sequel is being made, the world needs some balance I guess.

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