Chai chowk and Chilly-chicken

Chai Chowk is my new favourite place. They have a khadak (strong) ginger chai for Rs 10/- a minty, lemony and sugary Sulaimani chai for Rs 8/- and they have bun omelette for 35/- which I think is a ripoff. They have some really good Chilly-chicken, but it was made in the Indian-Chinese style and I was craving Andhra style chilly-chicken that is a staple in Mayura Hotel on JC road and all the Nandini and Nadhana’s along with the randomly placed Swathi and Maharaja restaurants.

The food at home is no different from a meal from any of the above restaurant and yet when we are out, my weirdo family still wants to eat the same. I get the faithfulness my family should show towards Biryani and Chilly-chicken but why meals? Then I try them and realised my mum’s an amazing cook but sometimes the same dish in someone elses house is prepared better and my mum changes how she cooks after the tasting. We made mutton dry fry at home only after trying it at Nandini Palace in Jayanagar where the meat was having a sanskari orgy with the pepper, curry leaves and fried cashew. Everyone was a winner after that lunch, thank god we had to go to Lovely dresses in Jayanagar to buy my school uniform.

Munching chicken biryani at home, I’ve decided Chinese style Chilly-chicken isn’t my thing and that I won’t indulge unless I’m super hungry, because the red Chinese isn’t my scene, it’s always going to be the green Andhra-style chilly chicken. Punit and I were at Chowk after a private music gig and at 7:45 we ordered chicken that came after 15 minutes. We talked, while I sipped tea and then our chicken arrived. I devoured the boneless chicken with him and we got a second plate of chilly-chicken and that lathed with tomato sauce and random capsicums floating about.

This is my new favourite place after college, I sit at stone bench and table right next to the wall which is open slightly and the best table there. There have been many days where Edwin and I would wait for hours for the table and still wouldn’t get it. I’ve spent the last two weeks here, almost every alternate day. Edwin said this is the second place he’d get a date, if the date can survive Chin-Lungs and Chai-Chowk then it’s meant to be, apparently.

I’ve been dying to write about Chowks blue wall at my spot, the dying old table, shabby looking floors, the intellectual looking Uncle who makes bun-omelette & rolls, and the polite waiter who is really nice to gives me a very toothy smile that he gives all the regulars I feel bad that I don’t know the name of my favourite waiter, will ask him his name the next time I go. The crazy people who come here, their loud and boisterous conversations are entertaining. Women don’t frequent this place enough, but you randomly get to see a family with an infant or an older women in conversation with someone and drinking the ginger chai with swag that only Rajni can compete with. Now I want to go to Chowk and have some ginger chai.



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