Farm Days

It was a hot afternoon and nausea seemed to be the theme of the week, had to skip lunch to keep myself from throwing up in the three hour drive to the farm. But there was blue cloth bag (because plastic is banned in Bangalore) with mountain dew, loads of wafers, potato chips, cookies, oreos, and a few packets of maggie.

There was wedding, a distant relatives sons. They were the ones who helped us find the farm and along the process created a lot of drama. They had suggested and tried to propose a wedding between their unemployed 25 year old son and my 20 year old sister, an engineering student.

Well it was nipped in the bud, they weren’t happy, a lot of mean things were said and my parents kept them at a distance after that. Neither my sister nor I wanted to go to the wedding and for once my parent’s didn’t seem to mind. So we had decided to stay back in the farm house and watch a Telugu film ‘Loafer‘ on TV.

2016-03-26 11.23.39 1.jpg
Snoopy and his red collar

So I took a bunch of pictures, because it was a week ago during the study holidays and obviously nobody studies during these holidays. So pictures of snoopy were taken, and then it was movie time. That night I slept on the terrace alone, staring at the sky; while the boulder on the adjacent hill looked like they’d roll down and crush me. The cold night passed and later the next day I caught a cold that lasted two good days. The next morning was all about chilling.

2016-03-28 04.52.53 1.jpg
Let’s Hammock?

Since mum was at the farm she decided to clean and pick vegetables to take back home. We took back a lot of carrots, tomatoes, and chillies. The carrots weren’t great because this was the wrong soil and climate, yet mum made halwa out of it that Tuesday which was pretty good. The tomatoes were the tangiest things I’ve ever eaten and for breakfast on Sunday dosa was served with Tomato chutney. The chillies were red and green, I guess.

2016-03-28 04.52.52 1.jpg
Red and green, a little yellow?

Then it was time to get the drum sticks from the tree, they were juicy like a chicken leg and tender like chicken breast. Now I want Chicken.

2016-03-28 04.52.47 1.jpg
Drum stick leaves

Then I decided to take a walk through the mango orchid to see if there were any green mangoes for this pretty girl. it was too early to harvest any of the green, so I just took pictures of them. And then we headed home later that evening, obviously after a nap under the mango trees.

2016-03-28 04.52.55 1.jpg


To see more pictures of my farm click here.


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