Cubbon Park

It was really hard to make myself not take a U turn, come back home, and rot on my bed. Told myself that there will be no forced conversations, so the extrovert won’t be fed, again. Sometimes I think he either left or died. He probably couldn’t deal with all the voices in his head, so stabbed himself in the face with a black pen, because he only likes them, black pens.

Like the traffic my anxiety only got worse, but I managed to get there on time, parked my scooter, tied my hair up and walked in to Koshy’s chill out. An enthusiastic young woman came up to me, gave a white tee shirt, asked me to change into it, I did. Listened to Neeta Shanker give basic photography tips and the fun in doing a photo walk in Cubbon Park, during the golden hour. Then we all ate and headed to the photo walk’s first meeting point.

 The entrance to Cubbon Park was the meeting point at 5 pm, we were waiting for a good 15 minutes only to find out the end location. Once the location was announced everybody, that is a group of 20-30 people, mostly men and a few women scattered like dust into the park.

Processed with VSCO
Modern art, meh. Just a dead tree.

I walked passed the dead tree, so many people everywhere. Picnics, families from different social classes spread out and enjoying their biryani, chicken or finger sandwiches on blankets and or carpets. I didn’t want to be a creep and take their pictures on my phone as they ate, played with their children or just chilled on the grass, under the tree. I just walked around and watched the trees and plants, because just made me anxious.

2016-04-02 05.40.10 2.jpg
Branches trying to catch the Sun I presume

I walked around Cubbon Park thinking about my last three visits here. I might have come here on school picnic in kindergarten, but the memories aren’t clear enough. My other fist time was with my family when I was in school, 7/8 standard. Then years later (6/7) I went there twice, once with a date and another time with the same person and the person’s best friend who I was previously interested in, and wasn’t awkward (seriously).

2016-04-02 05.40.11 2.jpg
Lone wolf 

I then headed out of the park and ran into another photographer who was also a part of the walk, pretty nice guy.

2016-04-02 05.39.57 2.jpg

We chatted and walked till the end point the State Central Library.

2016-04-02 06.03.32 2.jpg
When the Library is closed, it’s still pretty.

There we parted our way, he was went to take pictures of Vidhan Souda and I wanted to take pictures of the library.

2016-04-02 06.03.44 2.jpg
Getting the roof fixed

Only we met later, again for the last meet. Took a few pictures, he was talking to the photographer while I helped a lady get her car out of a tight parking spot.

You can see more pictures by me, here.

2016-04-02 06.03.37 2.jpg
The last one

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