A photo essay of interesting places in St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bangalore

“Baby, I know places we won’t be found
And they’ll be chasing their tails tryin’ to track us down
Cause I, I know places we can hide
I know places, I know places”

Taylor Swift

A walk to the science block from the humanities block is an adventurous one and full of portals to other worlds. The main entrance of the humanities block is under renovation and reconstruction, so parts of this is out-of-bounds for students, and therefore has led to the displacement of chucks of students to other parts of the college. Some of these students are found sitting on and around the library, which is away from direct sunlight and there is also a water dispenser and a wash basin here, an ideal place to be on campus.

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The Library corridor

As you walk from the humanities block there is more than one way to get to the science block, the walk through the parking lot helps you find a narrow path that leads to the banyan tree and the science block. This walk includes very little space to move about because of all the haphazardly parked scooter and bikes.

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The little place

The science block is built around the banyan tree and therefore a number of corridors are around the tree and during any of the breaks you can see  bunch of students loitering around the tree or staring at it from the three floors, or sitting or standing under it.

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The Banyan tree

You can walk from the science block to the hostel block where a bunch of student council, Mass com department, and association offices are present. The walk to the hostel is through a series of stairs with giant windows that are very well ventilated spaces.

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And you can continue to walk either to the chapel or the auditorium block; the chapel is a cool and comfortable space. The auditorium block on the other hand is horribly hot walk to three floors of air-conditioned rooms.



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