Gestures and stuff

Did you ever think we’d be friends Punit?

I never thought we’d be friends. You were that guy constantly running his hands through his hair or just flipping it. Those wannabe or cool dude types; you are… but like we’re friends now. Damn it.


I’ll remember you as the boy in the department standing at my table or Nirmala ma’am’s table hugging a book or whatever your holding. This is the image of you that will be with me.

Skyla ma’am walks in and agrees to everything Divya ma’am just said and tells me that’s probably how she’ll remember me too.


Vijeta ma’am can I talk to you?


Can I sit and talk to you?


It doesn’t bother, annoy, intimidate, or irritate you right?

No, it doesn’t. How’s the writing workshop going Vinay green?

It’s good, do you know what our writing task is Vijeta ma’am?

No Vinay Green, I don’t.

We need to write about a gesture or quirk that is unique and ours.

Are you asking me if I’ve noticed anything?

No. I don’t know…

Aye! You do this! You put your hands on the table or hug your bag or book and talk.

I only do it in front of you.

I’ve seen you talk to Arul sir like that.

Okay him. Oh! A teacher in Jain said something similar.

You also shake left and right or vigorously nod when you agree or disagree.


Stop lying down! You’re not Sri Vishnu to fall flat just about anywhere or wherever there’s place. You’re a young boy and what will happen to all your bones! You’ll have a hunch back and suffer for the rest your life.

Okay mom, calm down. I’ll sit and write my record, don’t scream.


These are the few conversations that stand out in my head when I think of my body language or gestures that are uniquely me and have been brought to my notice in considerably polite or nice words.

Once in School a girl asked me why my neck is tilted when I spoke and started laughing at me. That was the only harsh discovery, maybe.

The gesture or action I’ve discovered was while watching Scooby Doo and it was that I stand and bend a little like Daphne. It shocked me, dramatic window shattering cue. So I decided to not stand that way EVER again.

A good fifteen or eighteen later since, I know I’ve succeeded in keeping my Daphne stand hidden, by replacing it, with hugging whatever is in my hands. Body language analysis says my hugging stuff is me trying to keep myself in or being scared or some such shit.


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