Class full of Ghouls 2

Scene 1-4 is here.

Scene 5

Rishabh: So why haven’t you guys attacked us, like the other ghouls?
Shyla: Do you really think we could eat you all? Vinay might want to eat you, Rishabh. But literally we can’t possibly eat any of you guy, we are fond of you and your all our friends, so did Shantamma but I don’t know what got into her.

Vismaya: How do we protect ourselves? We can’t keep hiding here and there is no signal on my phone to call my mother!

Varuni: Dude! Look at this female, we find out all this, our close friend wants all of us dead and she’s talking about not being able to call her mother.

Vismaya: Dude…

Vinay: Have you guys seen Shivani?

Vismaya: Wasn’t she sitting with Anisha and people today?

Varuni: Umm yaa.

Vinay: Ah, that’s okay then.

Rijul: So someone from that group is a ghoul?

Vinay: Well, according to the plan two ghouls, Shyla and Suparna were here.

Shyla: Vinay is a spy planted by the local ghouls but he was placed by us to watch the local group. So it worked out in our favour and that’s why Suparna and I couldn’t get along too well also. So all that chase between the three of us was to maintain the ruse.

Rishabh: Enough back story, tell us who are the other ghouls in class.

Vinay: Anisha was a ghoul hunter till she fell in love with one and that’s made her an alley. So she’ll be able to protect them and keep them safe. From what I know about her, she’d probably have the entire floor under her control.

Alithea: So are you going to take over the lower floors and meet her halfway?
Shyla: That sounds good, You guys stay put and keep hiding, Vinay follow me.

Vinay: Yes ma’am.

Scene 6

The EJP students of H- 403 class had managed to secure the fourth floor and had gotten rid of the ghouls with minimum casualties and a few unfortunate deaths.

Anish: Bro like this is so terrible, I’m so fucking exhausted. Like what’s wrong with these people and I won’t be able to go to the gym!
Shivani: Chill Anisha your fight was a better workout than the gym.
Aanchal: But like what’s happening here? Why are all…? Umm… All these people?? Or whatever they are, attacking us?

Anisha: They’re ghouls’ bro; like Ananya and Amit who were eating Jude. They survive on human flesh, they die if they don’t eat human flesh. I used to hunt them and even spent a year in special training.

At the entrance to the humanities block Professor Vijeta and Kannaki were fighting Amit and Ananya.

Ananya: Amit I didn’t expect to be dying in the hands of a half breed, I knew these half breeds were strong but didn’t think they’ll kill me.

Amit: This isn’t the end…

Kannaki and Vijeta manage to slice both their heads off with the katanas from Father Clarence’s armory.

Vijeta: Your streaks look pretty in the sunlight.

Kannaki: It’s the blood.

Scene 7

This scene was from a collaboration with Vismaya and Rishabh.

At the college entrance a black SUV stopped and three men got out of it and walked into the college. Enter Prof Arul Mani, Etienne Rasanderan, and Cheriyan Alexander, with AK47s in their arms and ray bans on their nose. They all had ‘I’m a Marxist’ bags hanging off their shoulders, bursting with ammo.

Prof Etienne: It’s a good thing we carpooled.

Prof Cheriyan: I think I lost my keys inside the car. It’s locked itself and the rest of the ammo is with Mini, who’s on leave.

Prof Mani: I should’ve gotten my road roller and made chutney out of these ghouls.

They walked towards the humanities block, passing a ghoul infested parking lot devouring all the and Science students. Adele for some reason showed up and started singing Sky fall in the background.  Two ghouls out of nowhere headed towards them, Prof Cheriyan makes eye contact with the ghouls and they explode, blood and puss flying everywhere.

Scene 8

Prof Mini Mark storms into Shanthamma’s lair in her black sports car without a roof and even before the ghouls could realise what happened she had gotten her gun out and shot everybody in the head. She got off the car and walked to the first floor where Shantamma had her board room and secret lair.

Mini: Such shitty décor and cheap fabric, I don’t even want to start about the walls.

Shantamma: I knew the English department would send me their best, but I never knew their best was a leather jacket wearing biker chick.

Mini: Thank you Suparna, or should I be calling you Shantamma?

Shantamma: Decide carefully, because that’s the last thing you’ll ever say.


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