What’s good Sex?

Is it how loud the screams from your bedroom are each night or days when you’re home alone? Is it how long the bruises, scars, and hickeys last for you to show the world? Or is it the number of hours you were going at it ? Or the number of orgasms you’ve had or given?

Is it love shared or passion that consumes the souls? Or is it just physical gratification that sends ripples of pleasure through out the body. Is it the kissing, biting, licking, and / or swallowing?

I fucking don’t know.

Sex is each one of those things at one too many times, it’s the screaming when my fingers are what cause them. It’s the kissing, biting,  licking and or swallowing when it’s for love, lust, or just physical gratification. It’s the scars when they are proud symbols to let the world know or just your skin that you’re being desired.

Now I want it all of it at once.


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