Good bye

I want to say goodbye to all the heartbreaks, heartbreaker’s, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, lonely nights, tears, spilled ice creams, uneaten happala, sealed bottles of whiskey and condoms that were just there.

There are going to be new heartbreaks and breakers, new reason’s for a panic or anxiety attack, maybe I’ll have fewer or many more lonely night and this time I may not spill ice cream, it could be a milkshake or something else. The seals might finally tear and hopefully doesn’t break.

I don’t think the new year is going to be new or different, it’s probably the same shit with a different date and maybe new packing, if it’s a good day or mood. I made an effort to get rid of all the hurtful people, and things, but how successful I was with that is another story.

So it’s useless to worry about 2015 because 2016 is the shizz.


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