Pooja Sweets

I tried to write an emotional piece about all the good and bad things about 2015 so far, and I wrote three paragraphs. It was shit, like the shittiest thing I wrote this year and that’s saying something. I tried fixing it, punctuating it, putting more emotions and it seemed to only get worse. So I ate a hot samosa from the local Pooja sweets and snacks, now I’m craving a rasmali. They make their sweets and snacks, in the evenings after five (5) pm you get to watch them deep fry the samosa, onion and dal kachori, bondas, and bajjis.

So I’ve decided to make a list or two. First will be of all the things I’m glad for, and the other of things I want to do or continue doing in 2016.

First list

Things that came to an end

Everybody who walked away

All the new food places I’ve discovered







Riding like a mofo

Trying new things

Second List

Going on dates with myself

Buying myself flowers



Going out with Friends



These are the things that made the list, I’ll probably update the list till the 31st based on what I remember or re-collect.



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