Class full of Ghouls

Scene 1

There was a lot of blood on the floor, blood splatter on the green chalk board and the new girl and boy were eating their classmate Jude.

Amit: You picked the right one Ananya. I didn’t want to eat the skinny boy Rishabh, Jude has tender and juicy meat. Can we eat Anisha for Lunch?

Ananya: I wanted to eat Rishabh for dessert but turns out he is already been marked for the apocalypse. Anisha does look appetising, let’s hunt for her. I think she’ll look pretty skewered on a barbecue stick.

Amit: I was surprised to find two other ghouls in this class. Who would have thought Shyla Bhagwagar is a ghoul? I almost wanted to eat her, she even smells like them but if you pay attention you realise it’s just a mask.

Ananya: I want the legs, his football practice has got the flesh toned.

Scene 2

A bunch of students were hiding in the basement of the library, that has an entry from a door behind the dingy, dusty, and forgotten textbook shelves that Alithea showed them.

Vismaya: Thanks Ali, for getting us here and showing us the safe place.

Alithea: I did very little, if not for Shyla we would have been dead and digested. Dude, I didn’t know you could fight like that, where did you learn to fight?

Shyla: Nagpur.

Varuni: What the hell is happening? What are those things? And that Suparna is absent today, of all days.

Vinay: They are ghouls.

Rishabh: This isn’t Anime bro, ghouls can’t be real. We would have discovered them by now.

Rijul: Not really, if ghouls were real a lot of things would make more sense; missing people, Bermuda triangle, human trafficking could be a channel for their food source, and of course Canada.

Scene 3

A ghoul had attacked the principal and a bunch of other priests in the college chapel and was now feasting on all of them.

Principal: I believed in you; you were supposed to be next, I was going to make you the next principal.

Beatrice: I’ve been waiting to feast on you. In this new world Madame Shantamma has promised me a city and all the people I can eat.

Principal: I was…

She bites into his neck and eats him up.

Scene 4

Varuni: Do you think the others made it through?

Vismaya: No clue, don’t want to think about it. Shyla, Vinay why aren’t you talking?

Rishabh: I still can’t accept ghouls are real.

Vinay’s phone rings.

Varuni: Is that Suparna calling you?

Shyla takes it from him and answers it.

Shyla: You said you’ll leave the college alone, that you won’t attack but why? What the fuck is wrong with you? These are our friends! Amit and Ananya are eating Jude right now! You stupid bitch, where are you? I’m going to eat you.

Throws the phone at the wall.

All of them were staring at Shyla.

Vinay: What the hell are you doing? Are you planning to get us killed?

Varuni: Can somebody explain to me what is happening here?

Vinay: Shyla and I are Ghouls, at least that is what you humans call us.

Rijul: A ghoul is a monster or evil spirit in Arabian mythology, associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh. The oldest surviving literature that mention ghouls is likely One Thousand and One Nights and the most recent is Tokyo Ghoul the anime.

Vinay: There are a few others in college, that long haired kid too. Shyla and I are here on an undercover mission to live amongst you and help take the world down.

Shyla: Suparna or Shantamma is the head of our division, and the only one in this city who can order an attack of this scale.

Part 2 is here



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