“I’m yours to Abuse”

What’s your favorite romantic line?

He looked confused and was probably ruffling through his scattered brains for some cheesy shit that he doesn’t even remember anymore. He believed to be a hopeless romantic, and a protagonist that swept the perfect girl off her feet and ride into the horizon on a white horse.

When he didn’t even have a favorite romantic line, how’ll he ever sweep a girl of her feet? He thought his poems were beautiful, but five years from now he’d be embarrassed to even read them.

It bothered him a lot, that letting someone treat him or hurt him can be pleasurable or even something that he would want. Three years from then he’ll see the appeal, but will still not get it. He’ll let her treat him, his friends, and everything else like shit, enjoy the emotional abuse and cry about it all but still won’t let go.

She walks away from him, claims his insanity is a constant reminder of her worst possible future reality. He cried blood and tears for her and now finally gets why that’s romantic.

             “I’m yours to Abuse”


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