Running or more specifically running from a person or a group of people seems to be your special talent. This is a special talent because running from strangers or people you hate is easy, but running from people you love, like, or care for has to be a talent.
You manage to surprise me every time a friend breaks off or walks away, because you still seem to be able to make new friends and let the cycle repeat. It’s a fucking vicious cycle and you seem to be getting bitten just as much as biting them, or a part of their light and soul. These are people who cared and loved you while it lasted and then they didn’t have it in them to carry the weight of this love.
You run from a lot of people or groups because they seem to matter enough to you for their words to burn you like sulphuric acid on bare skin. Corroding and eating it’s way through your skin and leaving a ghastly open wound for the world to see and for everybody else to know that you’re damaged by the ghosts and horrors from your past.


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