Food. “How to write about food? ” is a very popular topic in my creative writing class.
We have the curly haired teacher who isn’t very fond of the clichéd phrase like “melted in my mouth” or “fireworks” and some other clichés I can’t think of right now.
We have this damn cool, stud type professor, who also takes creative writing sessions and is the boss at whatever he does. His way of writing about food isn’t taking a bite of the  food, describing the texture, taste and smell, but doing all of that with style and creating a whole journey of arriving at the table and eating the food.
I was thinking about all this while munching on a Carrot cake that was perfect like sunshine, from Café Terra, oily Samosa that had peanuts in them and a diabetic brownie topped with a few dry fruits. There was also some superb muruku waiting to be devoured in the red lid Tupperware box.


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