‘ I ‘

I was 21: Cribbed about being older than most of my classmates, when I realised I was only one who cared, I was almost 22. Now I sing Taylor Swift’s 22 to myself and say it’s all going to be okay.

I was 20: I’d dropped out of college, got out of a job and felt useless for a while, but only till I moved on. ReStarted college, because of the many bad choices I now have more insecurities to deal with everyday than before.

I was 19: Stuck in an engineering college, trying to convince myself that I don’t hate the college or the course.

I was 18: I failed my exams took up supplementary exams to clear that and move ahead.
I woke up at 3am, cold sweat, racing heart beat, and fear..

I was 17: School still haunts, only a year since I got out. I’m the only guy without a single friend from school, because it’s easy to hate me.

I was 16: Out of school soon, girlfriend cheats and doesn’t want to acknowledged it was ever a relationship. Silly stuff, bullies try to beat me up, again.

I was just another emo, lonely, kid who was bullied and throw a bunch of clichéd family memories, scaring experiences, deaths, learning memories and more random clichéd ROM-com key words.


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