Kissing French

I watched you scurry in the kitchen making ‘Tulsi tea’ and kept laughing about who even drinks it. I tatsted the boiled water infused with Tulsi leaves. We walked to your room, sat on the bed, and sipped some ‘tea’ for a minute or so.
Pulled your lips back and blew some air at the rising steam and repeated it, till the tea was ready for drinking. I tried to look away but I couldn’t stop looking at your pink lips and blood rushed in favour of gravity, to the wrong head. We talked about a lot of things, but conversations I couldn’t give my best to because, damn those lips; wet, soft, pink and delicious.
Fifteen minutes into the conversation I realized, the first move has to be mine. The next fifteen minutes I debated if I should; blood kept flowing, still to the wrong head. Now I’d started to think from the wrong head and even decided to kiss you; Best Decision Ever.
I couldn’t stop kissing, we didn’t even break apart to catch our breath. I peeked at your face while kissing and you always had your eyes closed, but you did try to peek and I caught you. We broke off together to catch our breath, gasping.
The heat had turned up and we were back together and our hands seemed to run up and down the stretch of each others body.
I unbuttoned your shirt and pulled your shorts off, you tossed them to a corner with the rest of your clothes. You had managed to take my shirt off to and had started to unbutton my shirt and unzip me. I was more than happy to toss my clothes off in the same direction and we were grinding, your soft moans almost inaudible, turned me harder. I was so glad you didn’t moan funny like the woman in porno.
My moist tongue licked the right stretch of your neck and sucked on it while your hands got busy, very busy. I slowly moved to your chest and licked your nipple before biting it gently till I started to suck on it. My tongue circles the stretch and then got back up to your mouth and kissed till I ran out of breath, but we were kissing when I caught my breath.


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