Dirty looks

“Aunty once, just before I got married, Babu (my older brother), Vini (me) and I were on our way home. Vini was about two or three years old and he was sitting on the carrier; that old cycle Babu would always take to go see grandma. And we were on that road next to the Shiva temple near the lake” said my older cousin when she was having a conversation with my mother; who was telling her I give people dirty looks, unnecessarily.
I gave a dirty look to an auto driver who almost hit my scooter while I was getting my mother home from the grocery store. She thinks I didn’t have to do that and I think he deserved both the look and yelling from me.
My mother and cousin have this habit of sitting together every other day discussing life, then they compare the present with things that have happened in the past and discuss about a future we may never have.
My mother is in her early 40s, my cousin is in her early 30s have shared a lot of history. Both of them know all the relatives, cousins, history and gossip, therefore they usually trade information.
At one of these transactions I was around and it was lunch, they were discussing the extra marital affair of a cousin thrice or four times removed and how she left the husband to love with lover. The next person on the minutes was her older sister who was by her side through this and how she’s rumored to have a lover. The conversation came to a pause because we had to clear the empty plates, but it resumed when both my cousin and mother had washed their hands. Now my cousin remembered she had paused on the story from before lunch and went back to it.
“So we were heading home I think, it was the afternoon, maybe evening or something like that. There was some guy standing on the side of the road, but Babu and I were too busy fighting over something I don’t remember anymore and Vini was staring at him for a while” she began.
“Babu asked him, ‘why are you staring at that fellow?’ ‘He has been looking at Akka (older sister) from that time’ and went back to staring at that fellow. Babu whacks him on the head and says ‘come along, quietly’ and even today this incident makes me smile” she said. I have no recollection of any sort with it, but I like it very much.



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