Like a Gladiator

Q. Should I stop wanting some thing or one, when it or they don’t want me?
Q. How do I know if some thing or someone is worth fighting for then?
Q. If I have strong feelings for some thing or one, can I chase it to hell and back?

Life’s pointless and miserable, even if I fought my demon and won, I’d still have to go back to my own personal hell; so why do I even fight? I could chose to not fight.

Thank god for Tumblr

Roman Gladiators fought for their life, and it was a miserable life; they were either slaves or war captives who fought till death. Every time a Gladiator won a battle, he was alive only till the next battel killed him. A Gladiators life was miserable, painful, and meaningless; but they found meaning to their lives, by fighting. Each battle was fought with bravery and might; till their last breath they fought with their heads held high.

From tumblr

When a Gladiator fights for nothing but that pride of going down strong, I can fight for all the things that are right in my life. Like that 3 am call where my friend tells me to stop drowning because I do know how to swim, or a cup of tea in the rain or a long warm hug that keeps me smiling – these are reasons enough to fight. Aren’t they?


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