Wood sounds

‘Thud’ the scooters’ stand struck and we parked side by side and shut the engines off and walked towards the gate; a bird chirped as it flew over os like it was sending someone a warning sign; crickets chirped like there was party and I felt invited.


A sudden and continues honking from the lorry on Hosur main road, just hundred meters away didn’t seem to bother the party. There was an old man listening into the party from his doorstep and gave us a dirty look, probably because we were invited and not him.
The mosquitoes seemed to have received an invite to and they started buzz around us and decide we were the food table and started to devour us and we decided pull our sleeves down stay on the move to avoid them, the crows st cawed at our troubles.
As we walked towards the park the sound of my shoes and Ankit‘s sandals striking the tar road was loud and even the noise from shuffling my bag was very clear.


I walked up to a tree and patted  its trunk till I heard the distinct sound of my skin rubbing against the hard, rough but gentle wood.
We walked around the park for over an hour and I decided to sit by a dried up pond and Ankit started taking pictures of me, and excalimed “Such morbid expression”.
Photo Credits: Ankit Banerjee.


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