Everything in life is a choice; it isn’t as clear as a yes or no, white or black or white, right or wrong, statement – it’s a big fucking grey area. Even when you decide to not make a choice, you’ve already picked something, might as well choose something you believe in or support or stand for or makes sense to you; because sitting on the fence has never helped as much.
It’s a choice, but it’s not free from strings or baggage. Every decision ever made, is influenced by how much you’ve been scared, spoiler by parents/family; or what class, caste, creed, community, religioun, class you come from; or what food you eat, music you listen to, locality you live in, people you interact with. Even your families and friends opinions, associations and affiliations will influence these choices one makes.
In the end it’s all an illusion, but you can try to break or let it dictate your life.



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