My eyes are burning, just ate a super oily and stupidly expensive spring roll. Swam 50 laps today and each lap was 25 meters long; on the first day I was exhausted at 14 laps and this improvement feels good; by the end of the month I should be swimming 75 laps a day.
I’m waiting at the club’s foyer for it to stop raining, but it’s only getting worse. I’m craving to sit at Koshy’s, sip hot coffee with a book; it’s a short ride, but its pouring cats and dogs.


The image of the tangy, spicy, crunchy, lemony peanut masala and hot coffee,  is making hungrier.
The rain picked up force, three layers of clothing doesn’t feel enough, I’m shivering.
I want to read my book but its noisey, and I’m too hungry and distracted to focus on the reading.
A tall waiter in grey pants, white shirt, funny yellow and grey west with a grey bowtie, walked past me without looking, and my eyes are still burning.


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