Batman hasn’t visited me and I sometimes wish he did.
I almost jumped into the pool today and exposed my secret; but I’ve been executing better self control. Ever since Batman brought me to the twenty first century and dropped me in his mansion in India, I’ve only transformed in the tub during a shower. I had to maintain a high level of secrecy and my life was limited to college and home – whatever that means.
I’ve had to dye my red hair black and I’m going to a strange college studying literature; this college seems terribly sexist. I have been able to retain my name as Ariel but had to get a fake last name, I’m now Ariel Elizabeth Orleans, from the UK. I lived with my aunt and uncle after my parents died in a terrible car accident when I was just a year old. I moved to India because my aunt and uncle died of old age and I wanted to get away start over, so I now live with a dear friend.
My social life seems dead, Flash took me under his wings, and has been taking me to a few popular places where I’d run into my class-mates: blossoms- a second hand book store, and church street and Brigade Road- streets with a lot of cafés, pubs, bars and restaurants, that teenagers visit often. I ran into the classmates exchanged pleasantries and bid goodbye. They didn’t bother me too much to join them, Flash said I’d have to socialise at some point and I know it too, but just not right now.
I have to go shop for clothes because I’ve been wearing mostly clothes picked by Batman’s Butler and they don’t feel like me. I saw clothes I’d like at Brigade Road I think, I’ll probably go pick it tomorrow before lunch at Smally’s with Flash.


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