It isn’t a family vacation if there isn’t a fight; we fought about how sexist and islamaphobic my parents are, because of some of the things my dad said. My family was pissed with how I couldn’t agree with his reasons to be phobic and it was very frustrating.
The noisy night brought out a warm morning walk to the shore temple of Mahabalipurum, the view was worth the effort only before 8 am; there is too much humidity after 8 to put in so much effort seems useless. I did a little souvenir shopping, bought stone carving and spoke to a Mr Arun who is 55 years old and has been running the little store for the last twenty years. Bought souvenirs for new estranged friends, realised it a little.
Drove a 100 kilometers to get to Pondicherry, but took a few breaks to eat the local palms and to soak in the sun at a beach on the east coast.
Made it to Pondicherry, looked for hotels for the night almost stayed at a really expensive used to be palace. Instead got a fairly priced place in white town: the preserved French houses/ building, coloney that’s a feast to the eyes.
We dipped our feet at the pretty paradise beach and headed back to eat at a few exotic restaurants. A saucy chicken pasta at Spice Route, and pizza at Lé Club, decided to skip dessert because my sister and I were full from the restaurant hoping.
We sat by the road at the sea and watched the light house throw beams and I stared at the waves crash in to black stones for I was lost, again.


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