Day 4 : Smells

The food and places have been hyperlinked to let you know what they are if you haven’t heard of them.

Today was supposed to be an amazing evening, because I had the day off and decided to go eat masal dosa, and smell flowers before buying.

So the evening that was supposed to be about ghee masal dosa, the aroma of kesari bath and khara bath (upma), fried vada, hot to warm idly at Vidyarthi bhavan and walk through Gandhi bazaars flower market turned in to a nap in my aunt’s house while it rained.

All the reasons why today was a fail –
1. I’m lazy
2. I Procrastinate
3. Weather’s unpredictable
4. I overslept
5. Friend had to move plans
6. I was under dressed
7. Because I made a list
8. I over think

I didn’t go swimming today.


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