Day 3: Chicken Curry

Today was the last of my mid semester exams, I had a brilliant lunch- chicken curry and rice, stuffed chicken, a brownie and a pan cake for dessert. I spent the next two hours having conversations with a couple of people I find interesting. I went swimming after that, I swam 24 laps today and hope to take the number up tomorrow.
Today I want to make a list of a friends I go to college with and talk about them, but I won’t use names.
1. Beautiful hair girl : We have conversations about hair, food, people and just about anything. Only person in class with whom I can have comfortable silence.
2. Beater : I enjoy his morbid to disgusting jokes, because it comes from an understanding of the world and acknowledging that the best way to deal with it is laughing it off.

3. Mastermind : With my world domination tendencies and his brains, we could probably rule the world (I’ll make sure Lady Gaga gets back to business with her music.) He’s quite, and I am not always good at reading him, so all the more reason why I want to know him better.

4. Hoody chick : I still can’t believe things with her may never work out, but well, life. She’s got so many layers, it’s sad I may never be able to see or know beyond the first and second.

5. Sambar lover : In her crazy head the entire south India is nothing more than sambar, that’s how she make’s it sound. If only she dropped stereotyping and acted herself…

Just five people for today, there are others in class, my best friend and other friends from different combinations, about whom I’ll write if there is any sort of interest that builds up on this blog.


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