I didn’t get a lot of sleep, and ended up oversleeping. I had to be in clas s in less than 45minutes, managed to shower, stuff some food and managed to reach class in twenty minutes but I was still late by ten minutes.
It’s a fairly average day and since last night’s conversation, today feels like it’s the day. I was excited, agitated, and slightly terrified, but I knew it was today and that the right moment would appear.
I was done with classes at twelve in the afternoon and I had to kill time till three or maybe I could go there by two and just hang out till everybody started showing up.
Went out with a friend to grab lunch from this new eatery outside college. It was a little room with a kichen and no place to sit, got myself a chicken roll and she got herself a really bad sweet lasi that I finished for her.
I like how we get along, get past fights, conversation and people. She had plans and went out, I had to hang around till it was two or three.
At two I decided to head to our usual meeting place and found it locked when I got there. Sat outside with my headphones on and passed out till one of  them showed up with a guitar.
We waited out on the balcony for the others to show up, and the guitar was being played and there was singing too. Out on the fourth floor, beautiful music playing and a voice worth falling in love  seemed to set the mood.
Eyes were shut tight while playing and singing, didn’t have to worry. Took a post it, wrote a note and stuck it on the wall opposite to the guitarist.
Took off my shoes, stared at my green socks for a minute or maybe less and walked up to the end of the balcony. It was an empty field, pretty flowers around and stood on the ledge, contemplated if I should contemplate and then I jumped, heard the music all the way till the end.


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