Monsoon rains

I wanted to write about nothing and I just sat on the end of my bed looking outside the window, holding my phone to type… It started to rain and my mother wanted me to park the scooters inside the gate, where they wouldn’t get wet.
I put down my mug of black tea and walked out with the keys. I still didn’t get the tea right, it wasn’t bitter this time but I still couldn’t taste the two spoon of honey.
I decided to ride till the end of the road before parking the scooter back inside. It was the second time it rained today and I had no complaints.
The smell of rain, grey clouds and the wind brought back memories. Memories of all the monsoons I’ve loved and hated, tears the rain has washed, people I’ve watched the rain with, bike rides in rain, blue eyes, beautiful hair and warm hugs.


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