Boy drops it Big

*it’s a fake obituary written as part of my class assignment*

Sri Pillipatla Hari Prasana Kumar Vara Prasad Sahu was a strong willed young man, from Andhra Pradesh. He was always enthusiastic, never said no to anything that came his way. The wide grin across his face never disappeared, he died smiling. Prasad was a cheerful young man studying English, Journalism and Psychology, second year in St Joseph’s College, Bangalore.
“He walked into the department with a bag of apples, and left the brightest red apple on my table and a green apple on Professor Kannaki Deka’s table”, wailed Professor Vijetha Kumar as her face was wet and covered from her tears and goo from her nose.
Prasad the ideal student, loved by all his friends and teachers died from a massive attack in the smelly boys wash room. It was a regular Friday morning in the College canteen, Prasad ate a plate of puri, idly and vada, pongal, masal Dosa, open dosa and finished with a plate of kesari bath. He washed his hands and walked to his class with a flask full of coffee.
Rumours claim it was his habit of puking in the boys washroom because of his eating disorder that got him killed, others say it was his new Mexican laxatives that reacted badly. But all we know is that his body was found in a smelly pool in the boys washroom.


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